Ticker Not Supported?

A breakdown of reasons some tickers are not supported by DCF Tool (yet)

Apr 14, 2021

While we do our best to support as many tickers as possible, you may have stumbled on some that aren't supported. Below is a list of the possible error messages.

ETF's or Holding Companies

Ticker not supported due to ETF

Many tickers are for Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) or holding companies. This means the ticker doesn't represent a specific company, but is a portfolio that contains many companies (sometimes thousands). Therefore, a DCF model cannot be performed because the ticker itself does not have financial data to analyze. For these tickers, review the fund prospectus to get an idea of what companies make up the fund. Then, you can perform a DCF calculation on those specific stocks.

Ticker Not In Database

Ticker not in database

We use a third party financial database that is consistently updating with the latest information. However some stocks are not currently supported, generally smaller companies that are not included on the major indices. As they update their database with more supported stocks, our site automatically pulls this information.

To help with this, a new feature currently in development will allow you to fully input the relevant financial information- giving you the control to flexibly perform DCF calculations to any company.

Financial Structure

Ticker not supported due to financial structure

Currently DCF Tool provides financial analysis to a majority of companies. One sector that is not supported is the banking industry. Due to differences in accounting methods and how banks create profits through lending, traditional Discount Cash Flow models are not applicable. We have therefore proactively removed support for these companies to ensure results are accurate and reliable for tickers that are supported.